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Lisa Anita Wegner

I make stuff and sometimes write about it

after pushing myself a little last week, i got a migraine and after that slept for the most part of two days. i was thinking maybe i’m getting sick with a flu or some such thing. but then i remembered/realized that i don’t need to be sick to listen to my body when it wants sleep.

sleep and i have always been very much in love. and i will enthusiastically continue my love affair.

two things happened in my sleepy week: i’m getting a lot more practical and creative ideas; and i feel like my general curiosity for all things has blossomed.

thank you bbc3 and bb4 you make the best documentaries. i can’t get enough of octopuses, the human body, the mind, how big ships are built, politics, ancient egypt, cave dwellers, drummers, wildlife, undersea mysteries, gypsy weddings, dancing boys of afganistan, conspiracy theories, the history of design, art and photography. i’m eating it all up and i’m still very hungry. knowing the world seems like a good idea to tell stories, in fact it now seems mandatory for good perspective.

i feel like i am finally getting enough rest so my body and soul is happy and my curiosity for the world is piqued. i feel like a child because i get happy for small things like when i’m using a new toothbrush. appreciation for smooth clean teeth brings me contentment.

so i will sleep. i will take my time. i will listen to my body. and while this feels opposite to my previous history of endless doing and finishing projects of all descriptions. i bet with this new calm schedule based on my needs things are going to get exponentially better. i’ll bet i’ll get more done is less time.

i am very excited for the next chapter of mighty brave productions and the first chapter of the dufferson herman arts umbrella.  Big Love

Lisa Anita Wegner



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